Launch X431 – All About The Best Scan Tool For Car And Truck

This family includes:

Launch X431 V+ (Upgraded Version of X431 V Pro)

Launch X431 Diagun V

Launch X431 Creader VII+ (CRP123)

Launch X431 Creader V plus Car Code Reader Diagnostic Leak detection tool;

Launch X431 OBD2 Scanner CRP129E

Launch X431 Pros Mini.

Generally, the scan tools listed above sends information to and receives information from the vehicle control module, they can be classified as Bi- directional scanners. They have a particular name in common but with each different characteristics/features which make them unique.

Before we dive deeper,

Let’s explore the various characteristics/ features of those Launch X431 scanner listed above.

Since there is now an understanding on the features obd2 scan tools contains, it should now be convenient to identify the tool which will be of more use to you.

Is Launch X431 a good OBD2 scanner?

Launch X431 V+

Yes, it is a very good obd2 scanner, but you should always know that buying a scanner should mainly be determine by the features you need it from it and what you want to use it for.  Launch X431 contains variety features/tools to cover needs from car enthusiast to those working on heavy vehicles, all you are required to do is to check the features the scanners contain. Basically, if you are someone who work on multiple cars in a day. I will recommend Launch X431 V+ (Upgraded Version of X431 V Pro), since it can actually last for about 10 hours once fully charged, this will save you a lot of time from re-charging during that hectic day at the workshop. You really don’t want to waste much time getting stuck at the middle of that diagnosis job.  For people who own a Volkswagen or an Audi brands vehicle, this particular scanner is built with a guided function/features to teach the users the step by step basic instructions on resetting, matching, coding etc. when making use of this scanner. It help you find your way during vehicle repair/amending. You are more or less an expert in car diagnostic simply with this guide without much stress. Launch X431 V+ also have the ability/proficiency to read DTCs and data streams for every systems which includes but not limited to fuel system, Emission system, Transmission, Engine, power train etc.

If you don’t work on vehicles that often but you own a car and you will love to always check your car diagnostics trouble codes yourself, maybe because you don’t really trust your auto mechanic or you just love to know the reason why those light with the on the dashboard won’t go off when they should, you can get yourself a X431 launch Creader V plus, once it is confirmed that your vehicle is listed among the supported car models of the scanner (check the table above).  Get launch X431 crp123 or any other X431 launch product instead, if your car model is not listed depending on your budget.

Launch x431 V+ Review

Launch x431 V+V5.00.00

Launch X431 V+ is a scanner which communicates with the vehicle ECU, for this reason it is classified as a bi- directional scanner. It can work on various type of gasoline and diesel obd2 vehicles, it covers a wide range of functions such as ECU coding, oil reset, Electronic parking brake reset e t c. it gives a step by step instruction guide to Volkswagen and Audi car brands, on how to use some diagnostics function on the scanner which includes: Service Regeneration, particulate filter, Adapt Injector Correction Value, Reset Engine Control Adaptation Values, Throttle Learning, Fill Coolant Circuit, Adapt Values SCR System, Activating/Deactivating Control cruise, Battery adaptation etc. this scanner also allows all system Diagnosis which simply means it can read diagnostic trouble codes and data streams, diagnose vehicle comprehensively e.g. Battery register and battery maintenance. Therefore, users do not need to buy additional tools which helps in saving time, energy and money.

Let’s dive more into Launch X431 V+


Commonly-Used 30+ Service Functions

Steering Angle Calibration

This helps to monitor and perform steering angle adjustment, it can also be used to turn off steering malfunction indication lamp by resetting the malfunction code.

ABS Bleeding

Once the brake pedal is flat, you are always adviced to bleed out the air from the break system so can  regain a more active pedal- breaking system interaction. Once the bleeding is completed, it is also necessary to check the operating condition of the anti-lock breaking system, since its duty is to balance the fluid distribution at the calipers of the brake system. When the ABS contains air, it is compulsory to perform ABS bleeding function to bleed the break system with the aim of restoring the ABS brake Sensitivity.

Anti-theft Matching (IMMOBILIZER)

Turn off continuous immobilizer light flickering at the dashboard, it gets rid of lost key information from the ECU helping to re program new/latest/modern key into the ECU data base to prevent the car from being pilfered/stolen and gives users/owners ability of have as many keys as needed.

AFS Reset

It controls how the headlight react  with surrounding lights, by making an automatic decision on when to go dim, bright, on and off.

OIL Reset

Clears off the oil change malfunction indication light after the engine oil and the oil filter are changed.

Electronic Throttle Position Reset and learn:

Reset throttle actuator to default state for regulating engine operation in a perfect condition/

Active test

This test is basically used to run output elements, example: solenoids. Users can observe if a particular subsystem, element or part the vehicle features/functions well or doesn’t function well by making use of this function to get the tester output while you observe the subsystem, component/part movement or sound clicks rather than checking for status.

ECU Coding/Auto VIN Tech

Launch x431 V+ diagnostic tablet aids the ECU Coding function for a wider amount of vehicle products, including for Benz, Ford etc. It also aids quick diagnosis through one-button VIN Scanning.

Remote technical support:

With this function user can request remote support from LAUNCH’s Technical engineers, colleagues or friends by allowing them to control this tablet device on their PC through Team viewer software.

Automobile analysis features on Launch-X431 V+ scanner

Launch-X431 V+ scanner:

87+ vehicle product with 10,000+ accepted automobile

Area of accepted Automobile: Europe, Asia, America, Brazil

Names of accepted products:

America vehicle products: Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GM, Hummer, Jeep.

Europe Vehicle product: Porsche, Peugeot, EU-Ford, Renault, Audi, Rolls-Royce, Benz, Bentley, Jaguar, LandRover, Maserati, Bugatti, BMW, Skoda, Volvo etc.

Asian vehicle products: Acura, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, etc.

Australian vehicle: Au-Ford, Holden

Launch scanning machine X431 V+ Advantages

  1. Very good processor;
  2. Large storage space;
  3. Strong battery life;
  4. Can perform high tech diagnosis;
  5. Suitable for high power rate vehicle;
  6. Execute active tests;
  7. Vehicle health report share /print.

Disadvantages of Launch X431 V+ scanning machine

  • The scanning machine tool is Expensive to buy.
  • It cost 495 Euro excluding VAT AND 594 Euro including VAT per yearly update.


Launch X431 V+ is a scanner I will recommend to anyone who is ready to pay the price to get this beautiful machine, especially the automobile mechanics.  due to the amazing wide function of this Launch scanner it shows it was primarily design to help make diagnosis very easy and time saving.


Can I Send an Email with Launch X431 V+ scanner?

Yes, It allows you to send and receive email.

Can I set an alarm with Launch X431 V+?

Yes, other task it can perform are: calendar, calculator and alarm etc.

What can Launch X431 V+ do?

  • Launch X431 V+ can do the following:
  • Calibration of oil reset light
  • Fuel Injector Coding;
  • Resetting of tire pressure management system
  • Break Reset:
  • Immobilizer
  • Tooth/Gear Learning;
  • Diesel Particulate filter Regeneration;
  • ETP Reset;
  • Steering Angle Calibration;
  • Battery Register/Maintenance;
  • ABS Bleeding;
  • Immobilizer programming.

What are The type Of Reset Service task Supported On Launch x431 Diagun V ?

Launch x431 Diagun V

When looking for the most frequently used task supported by x431 Diagun V diagnostics machine, you will need to click the reset menu, also, if you need other advanced functions, you will find them inside car/vehicle product type diagnostic menu of the software.

Listed below are Some service reset task supported in x431 Diagun V:

Oil Reset:

This enables reset performance for fresh analysis of oil from the Engine once old oil from it is drained out while new one is poured into the engine.

EPB Reset:

One of the most vital components of the breaking system, as much as we would always love to speed there is always a point where we will need to reduce our speed or totally stop. Due to this reason, electronic power breaking reset function is important for maintaining safety and efficiency of the overall electronic breaking system.

BMS Reset:

Instead of buying another scanning tool for monitoring battery charging condition, it is used to monitor and also reset the ECU battery log system whenever there is a change in current.

Diesel Particulate Filter Reset:

This works for vehicle with compression ignition engines also known as diesel Engine. This function works with diesel engine since it naturally have à Particulate filter which helps in the reduction of Nitrogen oxide emission into the surrounding. It helps to calibrate the sensor reading Everytime the filter is changed.

SAS Reset:

This play a very vital role in the re setting of the steering angle sensor, it also helps to clear steering angle sensor faulty data storage

TPMS Reset:

This indicates sensors ids from the electronic control unit (ECU), while the tire pressure management system sensor, inputs replacement IDs and other testing sensors.


A task mainly added to the electronic control unit to prevent car theft. Once the actual key that was programmed with the vehicle is not used, even though if the key used is a very similar key, the vehicle will not start. In cases where the programmed key was lost, this rest function helps in deactivating the lost vehicle keys codes and gives you the opportunity to do another programming of a new key fob at a very easy interface.

Throttle Reset:

Main passage way with a pivoting valve (butterfly) through which air that moves into the combustion chamber is been regulated.The main component that make up an electronic fuel injection vehicle throttle body are:- throttle position sensor and air flow sensor communicating with the computer, which supply the required amount of fuel at the injectors. This function helps to re-learn the throttle position sensor after clearing or repair is done on the throttle body.

ABS Bleeding:

This is a task used to achieve a solid brake pad fit after the brake system air have been out of the caliper, it is compulsory to also bleed the abs since it helps to balance the break fluid circulation as required by the vehicle wheels

Gear Learning:

Task used to keep an eye on camshaft position signal which is primarily to determine that of all conditions are met so as to continue with the procedure needed for smooth engine performance.


Vehicle coverage of Launch x431 Diagun V scan tool

All-System Coverage

87+ motor brands and 10000+ motor supported

Area of cars supported: European vehicles, Asian vehicles, American vehicles, Brazilian vehicles

Names of some supported vehicles:

American vehicles: Lincoln, Jeep, GM< ford, Dodge, Buick, Chevrolet, Hummer, Cadillac, Chrysler.

European vehicles: Porsche, Peugeot, EU-Ford, Benz, Rolls-Royce, Renault, Maserati, Bentley, Jaguar, Landrover, Bugatti, Audi, BMW, Skoda, Volvo, VW etc.

Asian vehicles: Acura, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Infiniti, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Kia, etc.

Australian vehicles: Holden, AU-Ford;

Korean vehicles: Daewoo, Ssangyong ;

Brazilian vehicles: Flat, GM, Huachen, Jacty jac, Jinlong, Hafei etc.

Chinese vehicles: Joylong, Fukang, Lifan, Saic MG, Futian foton, Futian, YQ Mazda, TJ Toyota etc.

Indian vehicles: Maruti, India tata, Marindra etc.

Malaysia vehicles: Proton, Perodua etc.

All-System Coverage

Advantages/ importance of Launch x431 Diagun V scan tool

  • good processor;
  • Large storage space;
  • Good battery life;
  • Compatible with light-duty vehicle;
  • Perform active tests;
  • Car health report share /print.
  • The rate is lesser than that of Launch x431 v+

Disadvantages of Launch x431 Diagun V scan tool

  • It cannot re program key FOB


Launch X431 Diagun V have so many similarities with the Launch X431 V+, only for the fact that Diagun V have a slower processor when compared to X431 Launch V+ scanner and it cannot re program key FOB but it can help with adding a new key to the ECU database, NOTE:- you need to get the PIN# of your car before you copy a key. If your job won’t require re programming of key FOB, Diagun is just the most suitable scanner for you since it have almost all the qualities cherished in the X431 Launch V+ scanner and it is also cheaper.


Is Launch X431 V+ better than Launch Diagun V Scan Tool?

Although they both have many things in common, but the answer on which one is better between Launch V+ and Launch Diagun V scan tool solidly depends on your Needs. If your needs requires you to work frequently on key FOB reprogramming and heavy- duty vehicles, Then Launch Diagun V scan tool is not the best for you. But if your job does not require key FOB re programming and you mostly work on light-duty vehicle or you are very concern about the amount you have to get a scanner, I will recommend you to buy a Launch Diagun V scan tool.

What can Launch Diagun V do?

It can do the following:

  • Oil Light Service Reset;
  • Fuel Injector Coding;
  • Resetting tire pressure management system
  • Break calibration
  • Immobilizer matching.
  • Tooth/Gear Learning;
  • DPF Regeneration;
  • ETP Re setting
  • Steering Angle Calibration;
  • Battery maintenance;
  • ABS servicing.

How much will it cost to update Launch X431 scanner software?

The software update consists of two options which includes:

1 Years Subscription package and 2 Years Subscription package + 240Euro. Launch X431 software per year update subscription cost 495Euro excluding value added tax (VAT), while it costs 594Euro when value added tax (VAT) is included.

From which website can I Update my Launch X431 Diagnostic Scanner?

To update/renew click on this link : once the homepage of that website is open to you, downloading the X431 Launch update software will be needed, after that follow the guide given to you on the website. This particular software will be provided by Launch for a year without charges with a newly purchased Launch X431 scanner.

Instruction on how installation of LaunchX431 App after downloading is as follows

  • Once the application which is about 19mb is already downloaded to your tablet or android phone.
  • Open the app by double clicking, then click on install package, wait for some seconds while the app is installing.
  • After it has been successfully installed, open the already installed Launch X431 app software on your tablet or android device
  • If the app prompt you to update before logging in, click on cancel, because you have to login first. So, click on Login.
  • You will be required to login using your CC number and password. Read claim, click on Read. Pick/Select Bluetooth.
  • On a successful login, you will be required to update since the software downloaded from the official site is the newest version, click on update.
  • First and foremost all application file need to be updated but updating of any software that is related to car brands is not needed.
  • When all the updates are fully downloaded, install them manually, then after the installation you need to restart the Launch X431 app.
  • Immediately you restart the app, some options will be brought up for brand updates, click on it.
  • This time around software related to car brands will be updated, all that is needed is for you to download all the car brand required or needed.
  • Remember not to click on “one key update”, to update just click on “Association” to.

Bluetooth pair.


Launch X431 offers the two types/ category of obd2 scanner available today, The first type which have a screen and cable that will be plugged to the obd2 port and the second type which have a part that can be plugged to the obd2 port, and as well be connected with a mobile phone or obd2 tablet through Bluetooth. Whichever one of this scan tool you have, Launch is constantly working on each scanner software update so you can always have a stress and glitch free experience when using the Launch X431 obd2 Scan tool.

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